Reliable Tax Service

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Accountant is an Enrolled Agent (EA) – an EA is a tax specialist as certified by the IRS itself, and who is able to represent clients before the US Tax Court. 


BS/MBA in Business


30 years’ experience in tax preparation for both individuals and businesses, business consulting, budgeting, audit representation, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, and financial planning.


What makes our staff better than others is experience, integrity, and “one-stop-shopping”.  The work is done correctly, thoroughly researched, and presented in an honest and straightforward fashion to both the client and the IRS.  Nothing goes on the return unless documented by the client, which prevents audits and additional audit taxes and penalties.  Many accountants have no other business background than their immediate office.  We, on the other hand, have had hands-on business experience through other businesses we've owned and can provide a better insight when consulting for your business because of my varied business background.   Also, we have one-stop shopping available for financial needs.  You can get your taxes prepared, help with budgeting, all sorts of  insurance products, plus guidance with stock, bonds, and mutual funds.