I want to leave my Canadian registered vehicle in the United States

Let’s face it, once you have driven your vehicle to the US from Canada that is one LONG drive! So many decide after they have made the trip one time or 100 times that it would be easier to just leave their vehicle here in the States and fly back and fourth. It’s faster, easier and there is so much less wear and tear on the vehicle. You are coming to the US for your winter home in the sun and want to get right to all of the fun in store!

Importing your car once it is in the States is quite easy. I have discussed that in the past. The question then is, “how do I get insurance?” and “will I have to get an American drivers license?”. We can go over those questions more in depth later, but for now, let me say finding an insurance agent that works with Canadians OFTEN is the best choice.

I personally do, and that has help put thousands at ease that I have studied the wants, needs and options that are out there. There are many ways to put insurance on a vehicle here in the States, but they can be very different from what you have back home. Not every insurance company will observe the fact that you are only here up to 182 days. This is why you need someone who understands the needs of Canadian drivers in the States.